About Us

CAS Prep’s Test Prep Program focuses on preparing 7th and rising 8th grade students for the Specialized High School Admission Test (SHSAT) and our Enrichment Program focuses on elevating the educational performance of 1st through 6th graders. Our Algebra course teaches students the concepts needed for successful completion of Algebra 1 and introduces Algebra 2.

We are at the forefront of test preparation in Brooklyn.


CAS Prep believes that children are our ultimate resource and our greatest gift. To the extent that we develop our children to their fullest potential is to the extent we help recreate the world and tilt it towards the greater good. CAS Prep believes that authentic learning is vital to child development and works to develop programs that support the holistic development of its students.

CAS Prep creates and delivers programs that support and strengthen the academic experience and educational attainment of 1st to 9th grade students. Our programs teach students fundamental reading and mathematical skills, provides opportunities for them to develop problem solving and presentation skills and cultivates critical thinking.  We believe this combination equips children with the tools to excel academically and ultimately leads to life-long success.

We provide one on one and small group tutoring, group learning sessions as well as specialized high school admissions test (SHSAT) prep services. In our elementary and middle school Enrichment Program, we cultivate academic fluency in math and the language arts while also allotting time to focus on topics that are germane to the community and the world around us. Students are encouraged and expected to produce writings, essays, literature and other forms of expression to enhance and demonstrate their learning.

CAS Prep believes that every child should be afforded access to a quality educational experience which includes tutoring, test prep, and educational enrichment.

CAS Prep believes that these services should be offered at an affordable rate to all children in an accessible and safe space.

CAS Prep believes in providing a learning environment that is unique but conducive to learning.  The teaching model utilized allows students to work in teams, hold each other accountable and participate in the teaching/learning process.

CAS Prep believes in our participants being encouraged to express their views and thought process even when their answer is incorrect.  They are taught to be critical thinkers and apply their knowledge to solving social as well as academic problems.

CAS Prep believes in servicing the “whole” child by taking into consideration their environmental stressors that may interfere with learning.  Social, emotional and behavioral needs are met so that students can fully engage in coursework, be successful on assessments and mature and develop as lifelong learners.