Creative Achievement Success


Test Prep and Enrichment Program

"It is my belief that it is our collective responsibility to ensure that our children are provided with educational opportunities in order for them to grow and reach their full potential. Parents, politicians, community leaders, schools and support organizations such as CAS Prep must all be willing, active and enthusiastic members of this matrix."

__Sam Adewumi (Founder and President)

We Can Do Difficult Things

Congratulations to all our scholars who successfully completed our fall test Prep and Enrichment Program.

Our Services


Our Test Prep and enrichment programs teach students the skills and concepts needed for their grade level in small class sizes. 


We offer one on one or pod (up to 4 students) tutoring. You pick the time and day.


The teachers and fun activities made the program enjoyable! I was able to solve (and master) many problems.


CAS was helpful because it helped me understand the test better and I was able to use some of those tips for my 8th grade work.